Technical School of Bojnik
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Technical School of Bojnik

Highschool in Bojnik started its educational work in 1979 after two years of functioning as a branch of Technical School in Leskovac. In the early educational years, only agricultural profiles existed. Later on, metal and economic branches - profiles were brought into. Today, the official name of the school is "Bosko Krstic" Technical School, with the following educational profiles:

* economic technician (30 students, 4 years)

* financial technician (30 students, 4 years)

* technician of agriculture (30 students, 4 years)

* locksmith (15 students, 3 years)

* automechanic (15 students, 3 years)

Besides its regular education, part-time education is also included.

Technical school is located in the very center of Bojnik, Stojana Ljubica no. 2. The small town of Bojnik is economic, administrative and cultural center of Pusta Reka region. It is situated in the south of Serbia, 20 km from Leskovac and 45 km from Niš. There's a kindergarden as well as dislocated elementary school besides our school.

The school building is equiped with necessary capacities for practical work, too. We have a school library with over 2000 titles, Pentium IV and Pentium III computers in cabinets, a gym with 160 m2, outdoor sports nearby for basketball, handball, voleyball and football. We also have a school ambulance especcially for primary health protection.

There's a metal workshop with 120 m2, and it is equiped with necessary machines and tools. The students being educated for automechanic are skilled at mechanical workshops in Bojnik and in the surrounding area. What is also interesting is our agricultural economic area of some 60 ha with different plants and all the necessary agricultural machines and tools for both educational and practical work.

Over 3000 students had finished highschool in Bojnik. Current number is 350 students classified in 15 classrooms. Our students achieved remarkable results in different competitional disciplines and those can be seen in school displays and library. Students are enabled to enter over 30 different faculties after finishing the highschool.

Teachers have different teaching profiles, mostly Masters of degree and they are 30-35 years old. They are always in touch with their professional inovations and up-to-date achievements.

Various sections are in progress all the time and students' rights are regulated and guided by the students' representatives in the parliament. Students achievements are fullfilled with lots of sports, cultural and competitional happenings as well as quizes and other school performances.

Our next step is another cabinet with permanent Internet connection and foundation of a new students' club needed all extracurricilar activities.


Technical School - Bojnik

2, Stojana Ljubica st.

Bojnik municipality, Serbia

Tel./ Fax : +381 (0) 16 821 – 162

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